Wednesday, January 4

Just Call me Oswald Cobblepot

To save time and effort, I'm just going to put it as simply as I can:
Winter in Michigan = ice.
And I'm a klutz.
Plus there's the whole torn meniscus thing. 
So there I am, Gimpy Klutzington, limping along in the freezing weather on the way to work, doing my best not to fall on my ass, which can be a challenge for me on a good day.
Now, I'm - (Shawn hates when I use this word to describe myself) - fat.  And of course I gained some weight over the holidays.  Frickin' duh.  So I'm a little extra-pudgy on top of the regular fat.  Okay.  I accept that.  I don't blame anyone but myself.
But you know, there's another factor at work here: it's that time.  Among other things, I'm irritable, over-sensitive, bloated, and hating on myself.  So let's review:

Fat, bloated, emotional klutzy girl with bad knee limping along on a winter's day.  Can you blame me if this is the image I saw of myself:


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